Community Donations

Community Donations

Every year, the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society makes significant donations, both monetary and in kind, to community groups.  The two primary events associated with these donations are our Good Friday Public Run Day and the Rotary Club of Balwyn’s Very Special Kids Day.

Good Friday Public Run

For many years, the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society has held a Public Run Day on Good Friday, with all proceeds from ticket sales being donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.

These days are always exceptionally well supported by the community, with the railway a hive of activity and many trains operating to carry the increased load.  These days are also often supported by our friends from other miniature railways who come along to lend a hand.

Over the last 20 years, our Good Friday Public Runs have resulted in over $100,000.00 donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

BHMSRS Good Friday donation cheque

Very Special Kids Day

Rotary Club of Balwyn

The Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society supports the Very Special Kids Day, organised and run by the Rotary Club of Balwyn.  This annual day provides an opportunity for children with special needs, and their carers, to enjoy a day of free activities.  The event is hosted at the railway and includes a petting farm, jumping castle, face painting, arts and crafts activities and more.

In addition to providing a location for the event, the Society opens the railway to these special visitors for free rides on our railway throughout the day.  This includes supporting children and carers who would typically find it difficult to ride our railway on a normal Public Running Day.  From running trains at lower speeds, to allowing carers to face their children whilst riding, our members strive to ensure that all visitors on this day can enjoy a journey on our railway, regardless of their circumstances.

The day also provides an important opportunity for parents and carers of children with special needs to connect with one another and the wider local area support networks.

Details of this event are typically published in relevant places in the lead up to the event.