The Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society is an organisation run entirely by volunteers, and you can join us!

The Society welcomes anyone who is interested in engineering, scale models, railways or community service to join us.  Our hobby is a great way to use your existing skills and develop new ones, meet and share with like minded people, form new friendships and give back to your community.  No matter your passion, there is something you can contribute to the Box Hill Miniature Steam Railway Society!

We are a family-friendly organisation and look forward to welcoming you and your family to our society.

How You Can Get Involved

Just like a full size railway, our railway needs lots of people with different skills and experience to ensure it operates efficiently and effectively.  Below are just some of the ways you can assist in the running of the railway.

Train Operations

The operating of our trains on public run days and for private bookings requires suitably qualified members.  The society has a training program and provides mentorship from experienced members to assist those wishing to attain these qualifications and become involved in train operation roles including:

  • Train Guard
  • Petrol/Diesel/Electric Train Driver
  • Steam Train Driver
  • Signaller

Train operations are both challenging and rewarding, with lots to learn.

BHMSRS Casey steam locomotive controls
BHMSRS green flag

Station Operations

The management of the station area whilst the railway is open to the public is vital to the safety and enjoyment of both members of the public and society members.

These roles are a great way to meet our visitors and help show our Society and hobby in the best possible light.

  • Ticket Collector
  • Platform Attendant
  • Stationmaster

Ticket Office and Kiosk

The Ticket Office and Kiosk is a great fit for people who want to welcome our visitors to the railway.  As the first point of call for visitors, you get to share in the excitement and anticipation of passengers young and old as they prepare for a journey on our railway.

Ticket Office and Kiosk tasks include:

  • Ticket sales
  • Taking enquiries regarding the railway and bookings
  • Sale of merchandise

Working in the Ticket Office and Kiosk is great for people who enjoy interacting with the public and working in a small team.

BHMSRS kiosk
BHMSRS steam locomotive 5711 valvegear

Rolling Stock

Although small, our trains and carriages require complex maintenance to ensure everything is running smoothly.  A regular maintenance schedule for all items of rolling stock, plus repairs, ensures there is never a shortage of tasks requiring attention.  In addition, the Society constantly aims to improve the operation of our trains and carriages, with regular upgrades to our equipment as technology and methods improve.

Involvement with rolling stock maintenance is ideal for someone who already has, or wishes to develop, mechanical skills.

From woodworking, to metal working, boiler making to electronics, upholstery to painting, there is something for just about everyone.


With well over 1.5 km of track including mainline, sidings, and storage and maintenance facilities, our extensive track requires constant maintenance to ensure it is safe for both members and our passengers.  In addition, alterations to the track layout require the manufacture, installation and removal of various track components.

The track team keep busy with many tasks, including:

  • Manufacture and installation of track panels
  • Design, manufacture, installation and repair of point work
  • Maintenance and repair of existing track and formation
BHMSRS points maintenance
BHMSRS gardens


One of the Society’s biggest assets are the wonderful grounds in which the railway is located.  With majestic trees, colourful garden beds and open lawns, the railway feels a world away from the inner Melbourne suburbs.  Keeping the grounds looking stunning is our dedicated grounds team who undertake tasks such as:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Weeding and planting of garden beds
  • Removal of leaves, stick and branches from track
  • Preparation of grounds for running days

If getting outdoors and into the garden is your thing, then perhaps helping with the maintenance of our grounds is for you.


As a volunteer organisation, the Society relies on members for all administration tasks.  Whilst a team of elected members form the committee overseeing the running of the Society and its railway, members can assist with tasks related to the administration of the Society including:

  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Community engagement

If you have, or want to develop, skills related to these tasks, why not contact the Society today to see how you can get involved.

BHMSRS laptop