Public Running Days

Public Running Days

Our railway opens to the public on the 3rd Sunday of the month (2nd Sunday in December) for rides from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.  A list of upcoming public running days is below.

Public running days are an opportunity for members of the society to share their passion for model engineering and railways with the community.  If you have any questions about our society, its activities or the trains we operate, please don’t hesitate to ask a member.

Whilst we endeavour to have a variety of trains available for visitors to ride, operational requirements, fire restrictions and volunteer availability may mean that steam locomotives may not be operating at all times.

Important information

COVIDSafe Requirements

In line with the current Victorian COVIDSafe Settings, all passengers and volunteers aged 16 years or older must check in at our railway using the Service Victoria app and show evidence of COVID-19 double vaccination.  Posters with the Service Victoria QR code and information are located around the station precinct.

We appreciate your patience and respect as our volunteers verify these requirements.

Upcoming Public Running Days

BHMSRS station overview

Ticketing information

Please note we currently require tickets to be purchased online.  To avoid disappointment, we ask that you arrive 30 minutes before your ticketed departure time as refunds will not be possible.  The time shown on your ticket is your train departure time.

Important Safety Information

We want you to have a enjoyable visit to our railway, so we ask you that you adhere to a few simple instructions to make sure that your visit is a safe one.

  • Train passengers are required to sit facing forwards, keep their hands and feet inside the carriage, sit up straight and follow directions given in the interest of safety whilst riding.
  • A responsible adult is required to ride in each carriage to supervise children of kindergarten age and below.
  • Passengers should be mindful of the narrow track width of the railway and should not ride facing backwards, across two carriages or otherwise do anything that may cause instability to the train.
  • Passengers with a medical condition should consider their own safety prior to boarding a train to determine if a journey on our railway is suitable.
  • When exiting your carriage, please step out using the foot closest to the platform first.
  • Passengers should take into account that steam engines are hot, emit smoke and steam and sometimes cinders.
  • The consumption of food and drink is not permitted whilst traveling on our trains.
  • Please note that alcohol is not permitted anywhere in the grounds.